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Welcome to the Oiseaux Sisters Sales Gallery, our virtual exhibition hall. All of our work is one of a kind and created either individually or jointly. As mixed media artists, we craft objects that tell a story. We use metal (the metal used in our pieces is a light weight recycled aluminum and zinc alloy printing plate), wood, cloth, clay, plaster, paper and paint to suggest a narrative. Sometimes a found object may start the process. An old key, a glove, a hat, a lunch box or ball of twine may initiate the imagining. Perhaps a text may claim us. A song lyric, a poet's language, a fragment of a letter from home, or a folk tale or myth might start the process. An image may be the catalyst. It may be from art history, family history, the view of a favorite place, person or thing.

How To Buy A Piece From This Gallery:
All of the work in our galleries is one of a kind so we ask that you email us for availability at info@oiseauxsisters.com. We will respond with more information about the piece, at your request, and payment and shipping options. Please remember, if you haven’t written us before, to check your spam filter for our reply. We will reply within 24 hours.

We know that this is a somewhat old fashioned way to proceed on the internet. However, we don’t have employees and do not want to sacrifice making the art for selling it. You have heard, perhaps of the Slow Food movement. Think of us as foremothers of the Slow Art Movement. As artists we craft objects and images, a slow meditative and somewhat archaic way of working. We perch, at the edge of the 21st Century, change accelerating all around us, and grab at little glints of insight and try to pin them down in talismans of wood or metal or paper, or shimmering image. These galleries tell our stories of exploring the borders of possibility in this time of upheaval and delight. Some of the imagery is no longer available.

You may watch these images as a full screen slideshow. When you are in a gallery grouping of images, if you leave your cursor in the screen area, you will see titles appear. Enjoy!

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