MARCH 1 -APRIL 28, 2002

Mixed Media Installation
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The Oiseaux Sisters work consists of deliberately low tech mixed-media objects incorporating humor, movement and metaphor. It is inspired by: the lives of poets and painters, the erratic and surprising movements of antique toys and the dreams and visions of world folk art encountered and collected on their travels. They delight in creating figurative pieces, often biographical or mythological, which range from small to larger than life size to tell their stories. The exhibit will trace their individual and collective experience through time, space and imagination. They will use objects and images to tell and retell their stories. What is truth and what is fiction? What is memory? What is desire? Are we there yet? What is the journey and what is the destination? Stop! Look! Listen!

The Mermaids Tale - There's a lot of night magic in the tide zones where land and sea intermingle...and when the sailors and mermaids venture on the shore... Cast Paper, found and natural materials.
Night Journeys
Night Journeys: Sea Change - Ah sleep, that nightly mystery! As details of the day bob about our bed boats, we surrender our exhausted selves to nightly oblivion with our last voiced wish and prayer: "Oh please let me wake up different!" Next



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