New Years First Night
December 31, 2005 7PM - 11 PM
Bank of America Atrium
St. Petersburg, Florida
An evening of delight

In Geographies: Mapping Beauty, Mapping Love 2004, 2005, 2006 we used beauty as our guiding principal. We asked participants to consider their place in our world community.

Where were you born? Where do you call home? Where do you live now? Where must you visit or re-visit before you die? How far back does your geography remember? What is your family’s point of origin, your grandparents? Great grandparents? In Geographies: Mapping Beauty, Mapping Love 2005 we mapped participants through time and space.

* Fortune tellers gave celebrants guidance in plotting a course through the new year of 2006.

* People designed and cut out silhouette shapes and moved them like liquid stories of giant projections dancing on the walls and also made their shadow characters dance over articles of white clothing, used as backdrops.

*Eager folks put on party hats made from maps of the world and while looking in a mirror, sketched their new years face and wrote a resolution on their postcard... to receive them six months later as a reminder.

Come and join us next year to ring in the new year in a creative way.


Geographies: Mapping Beauty, Mapping Love, allows participants to experience their place in the natural and historical worlds. As communication and transportation systems have circled the globe, both problems and solutions increasingly move back and forth across national boundaries. In this project we restated our global connections as both natural and political citizens of the world.

Once again we joined creative forces with the formidable Betsy Orbe Lester and transformed the Bank of America Atrium in downtown St. Petersburg. Our backdrops for the event were large artist painted map banners, none of which show political boundries. We strongly feel that the heart of our "Geographies" is an artist's perspective which considers metaphor and visual poetry as important as statistics.

Imagine Peace
Asia Map
Fortune Tellers

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